Mit ein bisschen Wehmut haben wir Texas verlassen. Der letzte Abend in 1:41 Minuten: Lone Star Attitude

Einige Leserinnen und Leser werden bemerkt haben, dass sich unsere kleine Redaktion in den letzten zwei Wochen in alle Himmelsrichtungen zerstreut hatte.

Da ich gerade beginne, unter dem Jetlag zu leiden -sieben Stunden auf dem Rückflug verloren- hier lediglich ein kleiner Eindruck in 1:41 Minuten vom Abschiedsabend im Restaurant LSA (Lone Star Attitude) am Town Square in Denton/TX mit Freunden, Burgern und Live Musik.

Opinion: 9/11 was not the beginning and anyone who believes this will end is …naive.

Tom Spencer
Tom Spencer/Texas hat sich Gedanken zur NSA gemacht. (foto: spencer)

After the Snowden leaks came out, I remembered that back in 1972 or ’73 or there abouts, Denton, Texas along with Austin was one of the 2 bastions of Hippiedom in Texas.

In graduate school at the time, I was part of the group of students sampling the alternative lifestyle and letting my „Freak Flag“ fly. Denton had lots of students selling the recreational drugs of choice to each other and basically anyone who was interested, many times the local cops.

At that time a local dealer I knew lived off campus with a real „Brainiac“ whose father was a General in the Air Force. At that time he was assigned to the NSA.

On one surprise visit to see his son, he wore a briefcase chained to his wrist. I note this was about the time satillites started being used to transmit „long distance“ telephone calls. Local calls used landlines and required a physical „tap“ to be recorded.

Knowing that his son was living in a den of hippies, the General told his son, „Don’t be talking about drugs on a long distance telephone call because if it goes through the air, we get it.“

It is obvious to me that the NSA has been listening ever since it could. 9/11 was not the beginning and anyone who believes this will end is …naive.

For further reading see: Gwynne Dyer, The downfall of the NSA