Die Bundestagswahlen und Merkel: So sieht sie der Guardian und die NYT

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Der Artikel im Guardian ist sehr interessant und lesenswert:

… A canny judge of the German public mood, Merkel has ditched the more radical tendencies she showed when taking over the CDU in the early 2000s and campaigning to unseat Schröder.

She has good reason to be cautious. She watched as his more substantive reforms wrecked his SPD, the oldest and biggest social democratic party in Europe. It split, haemorrhaging support to the far left. The result last night, around 23%, was the SPD’s worst ever in the post-war republic …

Und hier noch die New York Times:

… Estimates by the German television stations, based on exit-polling data, varied slightly, but all agreed that the margin of victory would be enough to allow Mrs. Merkel to remain chancellor and to push ahead on issues such as tax relief, a simplification of the tax code, reduction of bureaucracy and a possible extension of the time that nuclear power plants can continue to operate

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