A Letter from Texas concerning Tucson Arizona

Tom Spencer/Texas hat uns ein paar Gedanken zum Attentat in Arizona geschrieben. (foto: spencer)
Tom Spencer/Texas: Gedanken zum Attentat in Arizona (foto: spencer)

Denton. (tom) I have been up here listening to the news. All of the networks have their political shows on Sunday mornings and they have been full of comments on and discussion of the terrible event in Tucson.

All comments from reasonable people are calling for a dialing down of the heated rhetoric. There was some talk show radio host (who’s name I forget) on CNN’s „Reliable Sources“ who was accusing the President and his wife of using speech which was inciting people and he was close to yelling and our own Dick Armey was on „This Week“ on ABC saying that people have „legitimate concerns about the policies, they should be expressing, but hopefully they will be more civilly done.“

So my answer to your question of „has anything changed in the US?“ … is, unfortunately no. I have to say the verbal behavior of radio talk shows and the internet have not been beneficial to the process of „civil“ government. Talk by candidates about 2nd Amendment remedies against the „Government“ are inflammatory and as a former psychologist I know that verbal behavior is just as much a physical behavior as getting up and moving about your living room. We are all just critters. We are susceptible to verbal and other physical stimuli … just as is our household pet.

In spite of my dour frame of mind, I wish ya’ll a more positive and peaceful 2011.

Best Regards,


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