Wahlen in den USA: “Money takes care of Money. Always has, always will”. Ein Kommentar.

Tom Spencer/Texas kommentiert die US-Wahlen (foto: spencer)
Tom Spencer/Texas kommentiert für uns die US-Wahlen (foto: spencer)

Tom Spencer, ein alter Freund aus Denton/TX, ist nicht das, was man einen Südstaatler oder Konservativen nennt. Er betreibt im US – amerikanischen Bundesstaat Texas sein kleines “business”, engagiert sich in der Lokalpolitik und ist ein unabhängiger Kopf, dessen Meinung über die US-Politik wir immer gerne zu Rate ziehen. Wenige Stunden vor dem Ausgang der Wahlen in den USA baten wir Tom um eine Einschätzung.

Hier seine Stellungnahme noch vor Schließung der Wahllokale:

I will … In a few hours, but I’ll tell you now the Democrats will lose control of the house and maybe the Senate, but that is less likely.

The corporate and political action money flowing into the campaigns is ludicrous. $3 Billion. The conservative right has done nothing but say no and Obama let the most liberal Democrats be the face of his administration. Nancy Pelosi has been demonized in the right wing media and on the internet.

The American Public has what I call a videofied mentality. They get all their news from TV so they get sold propaganda ….about everything.

I also think that here in the South and to some degree nationwide, that many Americans have a problem with a black man attaining a status or position they can never see themselves attaining. Call it a latent racism or “white folk” insecurity.

It may be a good thing that Republicans and the Tea Party activists do get control, so everyone will see they haven’t got any thing either. The fickle public has forgotten that the pro business deregulation policies of the business class and Republicans running our government have put us all at jeopardy. Under the guise of individual freedom and responsibility, fiscal conservatism has come to mean “I got mine, to Hell with you.”

Many of the small government types want to shut down big government. Dogma has no room for nuance, so they take a meat cleaver approach to policy. Let’s see how long my spoiled fellow Americans will be pro Tea Party or conservative dogma if they don’t get their garbage picked up or their social security check stop coming? Not long I’d wager. It really isn’t about Democrats versus Republicans. Money takes care of Money. Always has, always will.

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Sara Jupe
11 Jahre her

I enjoyed reading from Texas. But if there is so much money involved I’d rather not see the Republicans and the Tea Party gain control. Using the money that supports them they will find a way to blame their opponents for whatever goes wrong.

When I listen to some of the conservative politicians it sounds as if the cheesiest soap-operas have become real. There is so much stupidity, sentiment and anti-intellectualism. No, it’s quite scary to image these empty vessels being in charge, filled with the ideas of those who supply big bucks.