13.04.1973: David Bowie veröffentlicht „Aladdin Sane“-LP

Aladdin Sane ist ein Konzeptalbum von David Bowie aus dem Jahr 1973. Es wurde am 13. April des Jahres beim Musiklabel RCA Victor veröffentlicht. Es erreichte in den britischen Albencharts die Spitze und verweilte insgesamt 72 Wochen in der Hitparade. In den US-amerikanischen Billboard 200 erreichte das Album Platz 17.

"Aladdin Sane"-Cover | Quelle Wikipedia
„Aladdin Sane“-Cover | Quelle Wikipedia

BBC (2003): Aladdin Sane – 30th Anniversary Edition Review

Aladdin Sane is one of the finest forty-five minutes in rock.

From the first crashing chord of “Watch That Man“ you know that this is a rock’n‘ roll album. If Ziggy Stardust was his Sgt. Pepper (a loose-fitting concept about an alter-ego rock band, but staggeringly good songs), then Aladdin Sane is Bowie’s Exile on Main Street and, as if to prove a point, there’s even a cover of a Stones song on here: the staunch rocker “Let’s Spend the Night Together“.

The riffs come thick and fast. Mick Ronson might lack Keith Richards‘ blues licks – he plays guitar like a Hull mechanic, which was pretty much what he was when he joined the Spiders from Mars – but boy, can he play. Listen to “Jean Genie“, “Cracked Actor“ and “Panic In Detroit“. Ronson’s six-string shuffle turns his guitar’s sound into something that chases you with teeth.


Aladdin Sane is one of the finest forty-five minutes in rock. ‚Crack, baby, crack; show me you’re real‘ he demands on “Cracked Actor“: a chameleon lost, for one glorious moment, in his own camouflage.

Der 13. April 1973 war ebenfalls ein Freitag … – Freitag, der 13. ist also nicht immer ein Tag, an dem besonders viele Missgeschicke resp. Unglücke geschehen 😉